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Sage Brown
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Sage Brown

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With our beautifully designed nursing home signs, you don't have to choose between dementia friendly and a care home that feels like 'home'.

  • Raised print to engage the sense of touch
  • High resolution, large icons makes signage easy to recognise for dementia patients and nursing home residents
  • High contrast text & background increase legibility for those with visual impairments, improving care home accessibility
  • The Sage Brown Range has an 83% LRV Contrast between the text and the background. The recommended minimum is 60-70%
Additional Info

Dimensions: 228x228mm 

Material: High Density ABC Capped Acrylic with UV Textured 3D Print

Fixing: Double Sided Tape (Supplied)

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    Our dementia friendly signage range is the only in the world to be accredited by the Dementia Services Centre of the University of Stirling.

    “The Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling have undertaken a review of this product and have rated it’s design in relation to dementia design principles and it’s usability within a dementia-inclusive environment. For ease of identification, the suitability of the product is classified by number with corresponding explanation of use, within the ratings key provided.

    The DSDC Accredited Product logo is awarded on the merit of the individual product and colour-way. This accreditation does not merit the manufacture or final application of the product. Whilst every endeavour has made to ensure the ratings are reflective of the products suitability and applied use at the time of print, DSDC cannot be held responsible for the application of the final product, it’s performance or its interface with other products or finishes. For an environment to be considered ‘dementia-inclusive’ or ‘dementia-friendly’ careful consideration must be given to the specification of adjoining finishes, their performance specification (for example light reflectance value (LRV), slip resistance and use of pattern) and their suitability for their intended use.”