Dementia Friendly Colours

The elderly and in particular people living with dementia typically experience reduced sensitivity to contrast coupled with reduced peripheral vision, depth perception, and visual acuity. To counter this, we have created a range of colours and finishes that ensures our signage grabs attention . Our dementia friendly signage range is the only in the world to be accredited by the Dementia Services Centre of the University of Stirling.

Available Colours and Finishes

Veridian Green

LRV Contrast Ratio 75%
DSDC Product Rating 1a


LRV Contrast Ratio 92% 
DSDC Product Rating 1b

Heather Purple

LRV Contrast Ratio 86%
DSDC Product Rating 1a


LRV Contrast Ratio 98%
DSDC Product Rating 1b

Carolina Blue

LRV Contrast Ratio 78%
DSDC Product Rating 1a

White Pine

LRV Contrast Ratio 94%
DSDC Product Rating 1b

Sage Brown

LRV Contrast Ratio 83%
DSDC Product Rating 1a

Garnet Red

LRV Contrast Ratio 89%
DSDC Product Rating  1a