What makes us different?

Our range is designed from the ground up for dementia. Before us there was yellow and black, now there can be colour, intuitiveness and beauty. 

We've thought of just about everything you'll need to deliver a better experience for your residents when it comes to orientation. You'll find large format stickers for bathroom doors, projecting signs to assist in identifying toilets and nurses stations on long corridors and personalisable room signs. If you aren't sure what you need we can help with that too. Our architects are on standby to guide you through the process, so get in touch if you need some help and let's create better dementia friendly environments together.

Tactile sign


Icon's are the most easily understood way of conveying a message. When they are done just right they are so intuitive a person acts without thought. Think about how you find the local cafe or a bathroom in the airport. 

Our icons are designed from the ground up for dementia. We consulted with the DSDC and developed the range to be perfectly suited to those with dementia or visual impairments.  

The 3D renderings help a user to conceptualise and internalise the icon. The monotone colouring ensures perfect contrast throughout.  


Our artisan inspired range features both soft hue'd colours and textured, lifelike wood finishes. Not only will they be functional but they'll help to transform an environment into a colourful, pleasing place to be. 

All of our colour ranges have been accredited by the DSDC from Stirling University, so you will be sure that these signs not only look great but also work great as well. 

Colour range for sign
Tactile sign


You'll be surprised how often those with dementia reach out and interact with their physical surroundings. 

Our signage is tactile, so as a resident touches the sign they will be able to feel the design as well as see it. All of the icons and text are also raised so that these can be felt too. This can also help those with visual impairments as all of the text can be felt with the stroke of one finger, helping them to understand the sign. 

And of course, it's very pleasing to the eye for everybody passing.


Leave your drill at home. 

Our range is all self adhesive. That means no holes, no screw heads, no dust, no mess. 

Our detached arrow system means your directional signs can be mounted to the wall and you can think about where they need to point later, making it a breeze to order and install your new wayfinding dementia signs.

easy installation signs
Signage for care home

Light Reflective Value (LRV)

Light Reflective Value (LRV) is a measurement for the amount a surface reflects or absorbs. For signage, especially for people living with dementia the contrast between the light absorbed and the light reflective is very important. The minimum recommended contrast ratio is between 60% & 70%. This means that key information that the sign is providing will be easier to identify.

When looking at sign types you must look at the LRV contrast ratio to make sure that your signs are at the very lease within the minimum range. All of our dementia friendly signs exceed this minimum, ranging from 75% to 98% LRV contrast Ration, so you know that all of our signs are easily seen.

See the range's LRV contrasts
DSDC Accreditation Signage


Believe it or not, our signage is the only ones to have been accredited by the DSDC at Stirling University. We felt that is was important when bringing in a revolutionary new design to the dementia friendly market, that we gained an industry-recognised accreditation. So that is exactly what we did.

Our report is available to view so you can see exactly how each design measured up to their comprehensive tests.